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Hello, I'm Justin Conabree

Born and raised à Montréal, Quebec. Hard-working, full stack web developer with a wide range of skills

Here's a little bit about me...

Growing up, I always had new ideas for things. Roller coasters, little inventions, BIG inventions. I just loved knowing how things worked and wanted to create, no matter what it was. This lead me into the career path of a Mechanical Engineer, though this would not be realized. Although I absolutely love to learn, school was never really my thing. I graduated in 2010 with my DEC in Social Science and shortly after got my AEC in Web and Database Programming. And that's when I fell in love.

Programming is a way for me to be able to create fun, awesome, functioning things with nothing but words. Whether it's automating monotonous tasks, releasing my creativity, or just simplifying life, the power is at my finger tips; literally. I've been lucky enough to work on a wide range of projects which has expanded my programming knowledge to a very broad range of languages, frameworks, APIs and styles.

Another big pass time of mine... Inventing!

An amazing, futuristic, and just plain cool tool for that is my
3D printer
. So far it's been put to use mainly for nick-nacks, presents, and for nerding out. But I'm starting on a cool project that I've wanted to build for a while. It also involves learning to code for Arduino which will be awesome to learn as well.

If you'd like to get in touch for 3D printing services, or if you have a project you think I can help with for programming, feel free to reach out through the mediums below, or use the form at the bottom of this page

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Qualities & Passions

Love of Learning
Something new every day

One of the best parts of my job is the diversity of its tasks. I get to build my skills, and improve, every single day.

Fast Fingers
Tight deadlines, no problem

I'm used to working under tight deadlines so I have no problem completing tasks quickly and effectively

Being the Creator
Creating the Awesome, from nothing

Why I am, and will continue to be a programmer, is because I get to create. Starting from nothing, writing down some code, and winding up with something awesome in the end is why I love what I do.


Magento U

Fundamentals of Magento (NYC)

Vanier College

AEC Web & Database Programming

Vanier College

DEC Social Science


Web Developer


Web Developer


Jr Web Developer

Effective Momentum

My Skills

Problem Solving

Logical VS Artistic Range

My skillset is more so that of a developer than a designer. On a scale from Vulcan to Van Gogh, this is where I'm at.

Logical Skillset

logical side to programming

Artistic Skillset

artistic side to programming

Languages, Frameworks, Plugins & APIs

Here's a list of the programming skills I've learned and used. I pick up on things very quickly, so as extensive as this list is, it's always growing.


This is my backend. Aside from it's use in Magento, it's the backbone of Helicopters-Offshore. From fetching data, file handling, user authentication. PHP can do it all.

Magento Enterprise

His many legs, pitifully thin compared with the size of the rest of him, waved about helplessly as he looked.

SQL (MySQL + Oracle)

Probably the most widely used language to interface with raw data. I choose MySQL in my applications but have coded for Oracle as well

Database Design

A well structured Database is one of the most important aspects for a scalable, efficient website. I have experience working with and designing relational and non-relational databases.


The backbone of front end application and website development. About 2/5 of my dev time is spent coding in javascript.

jQuery + UI

From transitions to AJAX; jQuery and jQuery UI make for easy development of applications and websites.


Almost all modern web apps use this. This is key for submitting and getting data to your frontend without having to refresh the page.


Structure is [key]. Whether it's sending or receiving data, JSON and XML or very important to know as many APIs, as well as Magento, heavily use these.

RESTful Applications

No need to call out specific files. Just create a RESTful app to handle requests and posts to a given url and handle the data from there.

Social APIs

I've integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google on many different projects

Google APIs

Google has it all, and I've used a lot of it. YouTube, Geolocation, Maps, Places, Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Ecommerce Data, Social Signin.

SEO Management

Having an awesome site isn't worth much if nobody can find you. That's where SEO comes in. I work with a wide range of tools. Criteo, Google products, Alexa, Screaming frog to name a few.

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GSAP Animation

Whether it's creating timeline animations or Tweening data in an array towards a certain point, this tool is very handy.

Three.js + WebGL

Some of the most incredible, interactive websites are made with these two. Having the ability to render 3D objects and manipulate them in a generally 2D world (the web) is super cool.


Canvas is great for creating visuals from calculations without creating heavy css styles and elements. I've worked with canvas to create interactive backgrounds and widgets.


It's the style and javascript backbone that this site is made from! Bootstrap is great for is simplistic styles and responsive, mobile-first design structure. I especially like their grid structure


Foundation is similar to Bootstrap but a bit lighter weight. We use it at Structube to create wonderful designs with simplicity.


I've used grunt command line for easy compiling js, css, compressing images and more. It's great for automating production quality code.


A good repository is key for keeping track of all the changes in your code. I've worked with a few suppliers (GIT, Tortoise SVN, BitBucket+SourceTree)


I use this for easily creating rich html emails and sending through SMTP. It's what the contact form here and most of my sites run off of. Contact me to find out!


Easily create PDFs straight from code. This plugin is wicked cool, I use this all over the place in Helicopters-Offshore for printouts of forms and records.


The concept is similar to mPDF but for Excel and DOC files. I can create documents straight from php and choose the output format.


You can send real SMS and so much more, straight from the backend of your application. I use this to send updates to pilots in Helicopters-Offshore

Basic Server Management

If you're working with PHP, you need a server. I use the basics of server management skills for development purposes as well as to maintain a proper working system at Helicopters Offshore..


This is everything you see when you load a webpage. Although these are the basics of web design, amazing things can be done with well coded HTML and CSS.


SCSS is a more structured version of CSS. Getting to use variables, visually seeing the parent child relationship similar to the actual html. SCSS is awesome.


I had to pick up on Delphi to code exe's for Effective Momentum. I loved expanding my horizon on programming and would love to dive back into it if the opportunity came up.


Java was the first real programming language I learned. Although syntax is different between languages, the ideas behind them are generally the same. Learning from a fairly strict language of Java was super helpful for this.


I've created quite a few custom widgets. I've used jquery widget factory to create jQuery widgets and also classes to create things like full page videos with easy options. It's great for reusable code that's easy to call.

Adobe Suite

Although I'm used to working closely with graphic designers, I've had to take a dive into designing with adobe tools for personal projects. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and a few others.

AutoCAD + SolidWorks

I started drafting in AutoCAD probably about 9 years ago. I mainly use AutoCAD Inventor when drafting parts for my printer, but I have used SolidWorks in the past as well.

Encryption + Hashing

One of the basic steps for secure data transfer is encryption and hashing. I have developed projects using both in the past but the majority of my security use has been for login systems which hashing is generally better for.

Other JS Plugins

Here's a few more JavaScript / jQuery plugins I've used: FullCalendar.js, OwlCarousel, Slick Carousel, gmap3.js, moment.js, masonry + isotope, Flot, bootstrap-editable.js, dropzone.js, jquery-qrcode.js, pdf.js

Programming Portfolio

I'm currently growing this list into what it actually is, but for the time being, check out some projects I've worked on.

Beyond the Product

Helicopters Offshore

Assembly Instructions

Structube Stores

La Alianza Carmona

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GetCandid & Product Recommendations

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Let's talk

Feel like talking to me about your awesome project project or idea, requesting a 3D print for your cousin's mom's brother, or just wanna see how my day is going? Just drop me a line using the form below.

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